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This is longboardloftnyc.com A COOL INFO SPORTS WEBSITE where I write about the sports that I’m working or playing as real player With SPORTS like summer sports, winter sports and team sports… Info FOR YOU To Find Something NEW…Right HERE Right NOW !

You are Going to Find Lots of Valuable Information about the sports like Snowboarding, Surfing, Baseball… and All About Safety Gear
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This means if I recommend a product, company or place… I use it, my friends use it ,or friends of my friends use it…OR we’ve actually been there!. If it’s a Junk or SH!tty product, company or place! I’ll say it’s Junksh!t… If it’s a GOOD product, company or place or if they’re REALLY HOT! you will hear that from me Also…

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So I earn a little bit of money and keep me and this site going and get the info out to you … MUCH THANKS


If you are just starting out or never tried sports yet and you don’t know where to start or what to look for……CHECK OUT the BEGINNERS INFO to go the VALUABLE introduction for beginners and 1st timers!


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