Skiing versus Snowboarding

Skiing and snowboarding are exciting and thrilling sports that people of all ages like to enjoy. Both skiing and snowboarding have certain stigmas attached to them at times.

Skiing has been associated with being conservative, upper class and rich whereas snowboarders have been associated with baggy trouser wearing kids with attitude.

There are certain distinct differences between the two sports and the choice between snowboarding and ski holidays should be based on the following criteria. However, before go to the factors below you need to know about basic difference between them that Skiing use snowblades and the Snowboarding use with only one snowboard.

Physical elements

Snowboarding has less pressure on the knees than skiing. Many knee accidents and injuries occur due to skiing. Wrist injuries are mostly sustained whilst snowboarding however compared to skiing.

Skiing comes with poles that will assist in you remaining upright and standing when you are stationary. Snowboarders either have to sit or exert energy to remain on the board when not moving.

Pulling yourself together after a fall on skis can take longer as you have to put your skis back together rather than snowboarding where once you have gotten used to falling and getting yourself back up, it is only a matter of getting yourself standing upright again.

You can easy choose equipment for snowboarding when compare skiing. For example about snowboard, The manufacturers have produced many different types of snowboards in many sizes and colors. This will make you choosing easily.


Flat areas are easier to cross on skis with poles a great assistance to you whereas with snowboarding, you have to try and push yourself along or unstrap and trudge across the flat areas armed with your board.

If you are planning to go cross country, definitely skis are the way to go as it would be difficult to snowboard cross country.

Snowboards work well in deep power whilst skis are better in bumps and ice. Moguls are particularly good for skiers whereas snowboarders tend to avoid them.

In terms of speed, skiing beats snowboarding every time for riders of equal ability.

Learning to ski or snowboard

Skiing can be technical as you have to have good coordination, body awareness and muscular control in order to control your feet with your skis.

Snowboarding can be easier to learn due to having less equipment to come to terms with. Progress can be made much faster in the first few days when learning how to snowboard than with skiing within a similar time period.

Of course, this can differ between individuals and their ability to be proficient in either sport.

If you have been skiing for a number of years and have decided to give snowboarding a try, it can be easier to learn due to being familiar with the mountain terrain and being comfortable going downhill at a reasonable speed level.

It should not take too long to reach the intermediate stage when switching from skiing to snowboarding.

First-timers to the snow are often undecided between choosing skiing and snowboarding. Certain elements need to be taken into consideration and of course you can elect to switch once you have mastered one of the sports.

Either way, both skiing and snowboarding are fun sports and once you have taken a sufficient number of lessons, you can go out there and enjoy the freedom of being on a ski or snowboard.

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